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The comprehensive utilization

March 14th, the Sichuan provincial science and Technology Department website released on the third batch of major scientific and technological projects in the area of innovation and development of strategic resources to climb the bidding announcement。 In 13 major projects, 4 projects from Panzhihua led mission。

Test area set up three years to, Panzhihua Iron and steel on the basis of to improve the overall level of comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources, is assumed the lead in the research task of three batches of 19 major scientific and technological projects, accounted for 33。9% of test area of major projects。

In March 2013, the establishment of the experimental area of strategic innovation and development of strategic resources in the west of the country, and the development of strategic resources in the west of the country rose to the national strategy. Three years, Panzhihua Iron and steel shoulder exploitation and utilization of vanadium and titanium resources in Panxi region burden, put forward the "strong science and technology enterprises, the main vanadium and titanium, do fine steel, enlivening the non steel" development strategy, positive exploration and innovation, through a series of innovative work industrial layout, development, reform, and promote the pilot area construction and Panzhihua vanadium and titanium industry development by leaps and bounds, fully embodies the Xichang resources comprehensive utilization of technology development of backbone enterprises of responsibility, the vanguard of the status of the highlights.

Science and technology is strong

Transformation and development of the core strategy

During the two sessions this year, National People's Congress, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute Director Tang calendar and a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute of vanadium and Titanium Metallurgy Research Institute, sun Zhaohui, much media attention.

Media attention focuses on the important position of Panzhihua, Panzhihua indispensable in the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources in.

Rely on science and technology started at Panzhihua Iron & Steel Co。, Ltd。, in order to develop the vanadium and titanium resources responsibility。 After a long and arduous scientific and technological and entrepreneurial process, independently explore difficult to use, low grade and multi metal ore symbiosis of comprehensive utilization of the road, vanadium titanium magnetite comprehensive utilization of resources to reach the world advanced level, promote China's vanadium and titanium industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong historic leaps have been made。

Panzhihua does not stop in front of the result。 With the rapid progress of pattern in the international iron ore market profound changes and the domestic iron and steel production technology, the urgent need of Panzhihua Iron and steel in vanadium titanium comprehensive utilization of resources to obtain new revolutionary major scientific and technological achievements, to lead and support the company's future development。

In 2015, Panzhihua Iron and steel the Eighth Party Congress clearly put forward the development strategy of "strong scientific and technological enterprises", designed to drive through innovation, leading the technology practice, salient in market orientation, pay close attention to the strategic, forward-looking and key independent innovation, to achieve a new leap.

"Test area set up three years to, Panzhihua Iron and steel to 'strong scientific and technological enterprises' as the core strategy, the research and development of science and technology to a positive role in promoting。" Tang Li said that in the efficiency of resource use and related technologies mature degree has been further improved, vanadium and titanium technology research and application, as well as ordinary titanium material, military use of steel and other aspects, related technology has also made a breakthrough。

Scientific and technological innovation, stay mine into the economic resources, Panzhihua Iron and steel has become the world's first vanadium production enterprises and the first company to open up the titanium industry chain enterprises. "Climb the West vanadium titanium magnetite ore, beneficiation complete sets of technology", "aerospace grade aluminum vanadium alloy industry," and so on a number of major scientific and technological projects also made major breakthrough, restructuring and development for the Panzhihua Iron and steel to provide a strong support.

Only in 2015, Panzhihua applied for 806 patents, 624 patents authorized. Among them, authorized by the Chinese invention patents, 424 international patents, 28 patents, are innovative high.

The main V-Ti-bearing -

Bear in mind the responsibility of the mission

In March 10th, Panzhihua issued establishment of Pangang Group Titanium Material Co Ltd. Since last year, Panzhihua have closed pgcsic smelting system, optimize production line, climbing long. In the elimination of backward and transformation in the development of a "plus" and "minus" highlighting the Panzhihua responsibility.

The same day, ship titanium material for the research group came to Panzhihua Iron and steel research, gives the affirmation to the Panzhihua Iron and steel in the field of titanium alloy and titanium application achieved results, and put forward the suggestion on strengthening the cooperation between the two sides.

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company Secretary of the Party committee, the chairman Zhang Dade said in development of titanium, Panzhihua Iron and steel has the resources reserves, titanium steel joint, low cost of raw materials, strong research and development capabilities, such as advantages, support for the development of the marine, Panzhihua Iron and steel is duty bound。

Bigger and stronger titanium industry, is the embodiment of "the main implementation of Panzhihua vanadium titanium" development strategy.

On the development strategy, Panzhihua Iron and steel prominent low cost, economy of the lifeline, in adherence to low production costs, industry chain extension and to enhance the added value of both, the fight of the vanadium and titanium industry of Panzhihua Iron and steel company the most competitive and the most economic pillar industry。

In this regard, the Panzhihua Iron and steel to increase the pace of transformation and development: to reconstruct the 950 production line, containing high quality vanadium rail 45 million tons new capacity; give full of Panzhihua Iron and steel company to carry out the blast furnace slag provided titanium project made significant progress... 3 years, Panzhihua vanadium and titanium industry to further expand the scale, to further improve the level of utilization.

In terms of vanadium industry, vanadium nitrogen alloy expansion renovation project has started construction, after the commissioning of the vanadium nitrogen alloy production capacity will increase substantially; aerospace grade aluminum vanadium alloy project, is stepping up efforts to carry out preparatory work for.

In the titanium industry, the independent research and development of low grade containing titanium tailings strong magnetic flotation recovery of ilmenite concentrate technology, completed a full tailings depth recovery and utilization projects, increase of titanium concentrate annual production capacity of 16 million tons; white titanium separation project has been put into operation, new titanium concentrate production capacity of 17 million tons / year; titanium sponge production of effective research and achieved remarkable results to solve the high Cao and MgO contents in Panzhihua titanium slag to chloride problem, titanium tetrachloride cost leading national; titanium products in chemical, electric power, tabulation, medical and other civilian titanium material field get widely used, and successfully enter the fields of aerospace, military and marine engineering.

Talent support -

Comprehensive utilization of the strong support

February 19, Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. published in the Panzhihua Iron and steel daily a "recruitment notice", has attracted a lot of attention: in Panzhihua Iron and steel internal open recruitment of professional and technical personnel 40 people, team leader of 40 people.

As a third line of Panzhihua state-owned enterprises, number of employees, labor productivity is low. In the fierce market competition for survival and development, we must solve this outstanding problem. So why do you want to open recruitment.

Recruitment notices given the answer: according to the Anshan Iron and Steel Group to create strong vanadium and titanium and Panzhihua Iron and steel "the main strategy of vanadium and titanium, Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is implementing Panzhihua 1.5 million tons chlorination process titanium dioxide project, plans to implement the new Chongqing chloride dioxide and proceeded to integrate a number of related enterprises...

The main vanadium and titanium, needs all kinds of professional and management personnel。 Xiancai, in order to meet the need of comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources human resources。

Once, Panzhihua rely on talent, so stay mine into resources. Now, to achieve "the Panzhihua Iron and steel built dominated by the strong vanadium and titanium and iron and steel products for support and related industries to coordinate the development of vanadium and titanium resources comprehensive use of world-class enterprise vision, still rely on talent.

In recent years, Panzhihua Iron and steel business is very difficult, but in the personnel training and the introduction of willing to pay big bucks. Only in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute, nearly three years on the introduction of talent mature seven people, the introduction of efficient graduates 94 people, which 20 people of doctoral, master of 63 people, undergraduate 11 people.

Nowadays, all kinds of talents introduction of Panzhihua Iron and steel in vanadium titanium comprehensive utilization of resources of the stage to show their talents, lead the team in vanadium battery fluid research and development made significant progress of Dr。 Sui Peng, "in the medium plate production process of titanium and titanium alloy and welding technology research" project to make positive contribution of new vanadium and titanium materials of the Wang Ying, and selected Dr。 vanadium titanium metallurgy of Sichuan Province "one thousand people plan" Miu Huijun is one of the outstanding representative。

Panzhihua Iron and steel by improve the innovation management system, and vigorously promote the disciplinary team, innovation system and platform construction, stimulate the creativity of scientific and technological personnel and endogenous motivation. For climbing west of vanadium and titanium resources with high quality and high efficiency ecological utilization, green manufacturing continued to provide a strong impetus to the implementation of.

On March 25, climbing west national strategic resources and the development of innovative experimental area 45 planning group to Panzhihua Iron and steel research, in titanium project of Pangang BF slag, vanadium battery and other major projects detailed investigation and study, the working group concluded: "Pan Xi vanadium titanium comprehensive utilization of resources, Panzhihua Iron and steel to accomplish a great deal."

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