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Where the confidence from on titanium

Domestic titanium industry from scratch to the development of this year has been 62 years, with the increasing maturity of the industry, China has become the world's largest producer of titanium and titanium consumption。 But the domestic market is in urgent need of titanium processing material is heavily dependent on imports, a large number of primary products surplus。 The size of the domestic market is growing, but the magnitude of industrial upgrading, technological progress is not。 Especially in 2015, the entire industry market continued weak, many companies engaged in titanium processing industry on the brink of production or collapse, the production and operation of an unprecedented predicament, the industry is seriously lack of confidence。 According to China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association of titanium, zirconium and hafnium Department recently released the 2015 China titanium industry development report, titanium industry in the winter of the year 2015, facing the predicament of the development of the industry, as a sunrise industry of the titanium industry, the now lack is confidence。 So where does our confidence come from。

Confidence comes from the courage to face and challenge the difficulties of wisdom and courage。 According to the global times, the news last year, C919 large domestic passenger aircraft in Shanghai, China commercial aircraft off the assembly line, the order has reached 517, of which German companies and overseas airlines orders 17。 Such information shows that China's aerospace high-end manufacturing industry in the continuous localization, with independent intellectual property rights of commercial large aircraft on the big stage of the international market。 So we titanium processing enterprises to prepare for the emerging large-scale domestic aircraft project to provide the material it? Can we produce titanium material to meet the needs of the aviation industry? These issues need to be carefully thought of our strategic planning。 In the face of 2015 domestic "titanium smelting and processing of small and medium-sized enterprises in the red, titanium industry loss gradually increase", how to tackle tough innovation and development, a test of the wisdom and courage of a titanium processing enterprises。 Li Keqiang, the prime minister in the government work report said: "the difficulties facing the development of our country this year more and more severe challenges。 To prepare for tough fight。" In the face of the deteriorating market conditions, we must to calm thinking of enterprise's development in the future direction, face the enterprises are facing the market situation, face the predicament facing the development of enterprises。 Through the supply side of the reform, to clear the strength and influence of those weak enterprises, in the domestic titanium industry more than the number of research gaps。 Through market development, innovation driven enterprise transformation and upgrading, promote product quality upgrades, overcome fear, strong confidence in the face of challenges, the development of China's titanium industry continues to high-end。

Confidence comes from our conscious awareness of our own and the self awakening of the enterprise。 From titanium, zirconium and hafnium department, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the 2015 China titanium industry development report is not difficult to see that China's high-end aviation aerospace, marine, medical and other fields titanium material used in substantial growth。 So titanium should be aware that not titanium processing material is not the market, but the material can not meet the requirements of nuclear power, marine, medical, construction and other fields。 Here is a list of two typical examples, the titanium alloy sheet and the National Grand Theater roof installed in more than 100 tons from in Japan titanium processing enterprises, the main reason is at that time China manufacturer of titanium equipment, process and technical level are not up to the requirements。 In addition, China's production of the Dragon bathyscaphs with titanium plate and titanium processing enterprises from russia。 As the country's economic development into the new normal, the entire titanium industry into the product structure from low quality, low price, low end applications, to high quality, Gao Lirun, in the transition period of high end applications。 "Report" provided by these data and analysis, fully proves that we are on the future development of the industry market to determine the accuracy of the more determined to have a way out of the concept of development。 Further enhance the product technology research and development, and narrow the gap with foreign similar products。 Ready in the market allows the case, and gradually in the aerospace, ships, construction and other areas to make titanium products really become everyone in use, everyone can use the necessary materials。

Confidence from the enterprise has "no I have, people have my best" of the independent core technology. China Nonferrous Metals reported recently published a signed article "to speed up the formation of national Titanium Industrial Technology Research Institute to become two hot spots". This is a clear signal that titanium industry need leading scientific and technological progress, needs the joint efforts of many researchers, vigorously promote the level of scientific research of titanium industry in China. Domestic nuclear power, marine engineering, construction, medical, sports, 3D printing and other industries are heavily dependent on imports of titanium processing material. In terms of technical barriers, product quality, brand value, need of scientific and technological research institutes, scientific and technical personnel to research, manufacturing with independent intellectual property rights of titanium processing material, continue to occupy the domestic high-end titanium market. Baoji BaoTi group's shares have domestic only titanium alloy thin plate production line, in the same industry in the world number not much control with one of TC4 sheet industrialized production technology enterprises. Baoji Titanium Group's Nanjing treasure color have large PTA equipment R & D and production of the core technology, substitution of imports, to fill the gaps in the project. In the face of a growing world demand for intelligent, 3D print titanium powder, titanium memory alloy and high-end medical implant special titanium materials new application for our development to provide new momentum, so that we can realize the Overtaking around the curve of power in the emerging field of titanium.Future enterprise of titanium market possession rate of high and low, will not who are large in scale, but is who should possess the core technology, who have independent core technology, will have the strongest market competitiveness and viability.

"Confidence is more important than gold." Titanium processing enterprises wait and see no way out, the negative pessimism is no hope. Titanium enterprise not only to the economic development of countries have confidence and more confident in the future development of titanium industry, as Premier Li Keqiang said: "China's development has always been in response to the challenges ahead, nothing is impossible to the ridge."

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