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BaoTi group involved in the construction

Beijing Pinggu District of Stone Forest Scenic gorge titanium alloy UFO viewing platform has been officially open to tourists, the platform is so far the overhanging the longest, largest viewing platform, and for the first time light weight, high strength, resistance to corrosion of Aeronautical Ti alloy materials used in the main structure. The structure of beam using titanium alloy material all provided by BaoTi group. The aerospace titanium alloy material to build flying saucer shaped viewing platform, BaoTi group in the field of civil titanium material new expansion is Baoji Titanium good brand and good performance are embodied. The successful construction of the platform not only created a number of world's first, but also a major breakthrough in the field of titanium alloy materials in the civilian field, has a significant role in the demonstration and promotion.

So, titanium alloy viewing platform structure is how to make? What difficulties encountered during the period? And how to complete the installation of the suspension? With these questions, the author interviewed to participate in this project, the treasure of special equipment Co。, Ltd。 deputy chief engineer Wang Jianhong, R & D Manager Yuan Xiaogang and construction team leader Li Xiaojun。

According to reports, the viewing platform disc part has three layers, the first layer is installed in the extended beam half arc part; the second layer is the whole circle; the third layer for the entire circle of the installation of the glass. The whole platform disk is 2.1m high, the three layers are made of titanium alloy and steel support. The inner and outer circle of the circular plate and the platform passage are all connected with the H type titanium alloy beam as a whole. The new technology structure with titanium tube to take a round tube of square processing way, is also the domestic has not yet been attempts for the company of a lot of test and detection, break through the large sizes of titanium tube forming technology to ensure compliance of requirements related to the performance. In addition, the specifications of the round pipe, square pipe, H profiles after the completion of the production, but also in accordance with the requirements of the drawings were bending forming, surface treatment and other steps, and skin materials, fasteners and other pre install matching, to ensure the dimensional accuracy and the work is carried out in the factory.

Determine the platform construction project in December 2015, 2016 February delivery, because of the tight schedule, the task is heavy, in order to rush period, specifically involved in production of 15 people, the hard time for 5 days, 16 hours a day uninterrupted work. Component surface treatment is not encountered in the early, due to the viewing platform appearance requirements, the requirements of uniform color, after the production of components have been polished, to ensure the overall consistency. Due to the platform of high precision design, viewing platform with glass for import, and size have been identified, which also on structural parts size precision request, if the production platform structure size exceeds the tolerance requirements, could not be installed. In order to meet the fasteners in a long time to use the process is not loose, according to the test and years of experience in the use of titanium alloy, and finally take the bolts, thick nuts, thin nuts, gaskets combination of anti loosening measures.

After making appropriate molding and pre assembled, titanium body structure is segmented into 16 parts, is used to calculate the weight of each block, and ensure that the chord length of not more than 11 meters, the weight of not more than 3 tons, for ease of transport. At the bottom of the hill through the stock cable segmented transport to the top of the mountain, finally at the top of the hill assembled into a whole. Site welding installation is also responsible for the company. Field operations performed by 8 employees. The welding site is located in the Beijing Pinggu District a altitude of 786 meters peak, on the level of welder is extremely demanding, at a distance of at the bottom of the cliff 400 meters altitude, workers walked to welding position to from the very narrow beams through, for fear of relatively large obstacles. Manager Li Xiaojun said: "because the mountain in the morning wind is small, in order to early start, lives at the foot of the mountain under the houses of the workers every morning 4:30 will start, to take a ten minute cable car, would also like to climb up half an hour mountain road in order to arrive at the scene of the construction, wait until the top of the hill of God light. Welding on site and high-altitude conditions are difficult, people can only sit to accommodate a person's basket. The suspension to semi air operations, mountain wind, basket swing with the wind, the inside of the workers difficulty can be imagined. Welding if there is wind will produce oxidation, welding process must be no wind or the wind speed is very small, in order to normal operation only outside the basket with plastic sheeting, inside the welder frequently due to hypoxia and dizziness. The strong ultraviolet radiation in the top of the hill, and work without shade, workers scorching sun, to face a few days was drying burst skin. For the duration, lunch can only be solved in the construction site, eating instant noodles, steamed bread and a simple dish, afternoon technicians and riveting and other weld welding personnel will need to arrange for the second day of work, until 6 pm to down the mountain to rest. Company employees are not afraid of hard work to ensure the smooth completion of the project."

The viewing platform construction units shall be borne by the Beijing longanhuacheng Architectural Design Co。 Ltd。 and Huacheng Boyuan Engineering Co。 ltd。。 The two companies undertake the design and construction of the bird's nest, CCTV, Beijing ITC three super engineering, to build a world-class glass viewing platform on the from the bottom of the mountain more than 600 meters high on the cliff, the transportation and installation of the large structure is a great challenge。 According to the person in charge of the hoodoo canyon tourism projects, up to now, there have been a number of visitors and more than 500 travel agency booked the experience in the project, the number of visitors far more than expected。

As BaoTi group deputy general manager Lei Rangqi in the media meet speech said: "the scale of construction projects, construction conditions difficult, in the manufacturing field of titanium alloy is unprecedented。 For titanium alloy welding is a new challenge, the application of titanium alloy product promotion to the tourism industry has the significance of the times。"

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