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Baoji high tech Zone held 2016

May 31st, Baoji hi tech Zone held 2016 annual titanium industry alliance conference, the General Assembly gathering parties combat experience, wisdom to share and deep reflection, let people see the hope of Baoji titanium industry breaking.

The alliance general assembly, member units to discuss the future development of titanium industry strategy and direction, innovation and become a hot topic。 In the past few years of Baoji Titanium Industry stay in the material processing link, the lack of deep processing, low end products, profit margins are not high, to the civilian areas of not enough to extend the, titanium industry has come to non extends to the downstream, non innovative point。

The conference, the delegates thought to the industry prosperity, must be innovative thinking, promote differentiated products R & D, large enterprises to breakthrough in the key technology of marine, petroleum, drilling and other industries, combined with the development needs of the industry alliance will rise as the industry standard standard, private enterprises should follow the civilian market, looking for living space in the FMCG field; to strengthen the operation and management of intellectual property rights, promote the Construction Industry Development Zone titanium test patent navigation, guide enterprises to carry out patent analysis and patent layout, improve the intellectual property rights of intangible assets such as loans and other financing channels, and increase industrial fund and risk fund strategic cooperation, efforts to contribute to the bank, guarantee institutions and project evaluation institutions to provide project financing services for alliance member units.

Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Ma Yun attended the meeting.

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