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Titanium and rare metal materials industry

Recently, Shaanxi province titanium and rare metal materials industry alliance annual report will be held in Baoji, Chinese titanium valley。 Baoji City of members of Standing Committee of municipal Party committee, municipal government deputy mayor Ma Yun, Shaanxi Province intellectual property bureau deputy director Yang Hangyun, high district Party committee secretary, the CMC director Jin Sheng Hao, BaoTi Group Chairman and general manager Zou armed, association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal titanium and zirconium hafnium branch secretary long Jia Hong, Deputy Secretary General of the long Lu Fusheng, Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research Yan Xuebai and Union Council member unit representative, attended the meeting, from each member of staff a total of more than 140 people attended the meeting。 Meeting by the League secretary general, Liu Tianhong, deputy director of the high tech Zone cmc。

Ma Yun's speech at the meeting, he pointed out that the 45 period, the national implementation of the "made in China by 2025" strategy for Baoji Titanium and rare metal materials industry brought new opportunities for development. Baoji City in 45 plan explicitly titanium and rare metal materials industry as the city's industrial development, one of the five pillar industries, to 2020 will titanium and titanium alloy industry to create a billion dollar industry cluster. Baoji City and Baoji high tech Zone will continue the introduction of high-end talent, technology research and development, public service platform construction give alliance member enterprises to vigorously support, helping enterprises to accelerate the extended to the high-end new products, new technology industry chain development and terminal, optimize the industrial chain, expanding field and hope that the Alliance to further develop role of "bridge" between government and enterprises, in the industry of major technological breakthrough, the combination of collaborative innovation to make more productive work, in order to accelerate transformation of titanium and rare metal industrial upgrading, promote Baoji Titanium valley construction, Shaanxi Province titanium and rare metal materials industry cluster development and make new and greater contributions.

Zou Wuzhuang made a question for the positive response to the new normal full of innovation and the situation in the face of adversity in the smooth development of the work of the 2016 annual report of the alliance。 Zou Wuzhuang from five aspects summary reviews the industrial alliance 2015 year work and schedule deployment union by 2016 work from five aspects: one is creative thinking, promote the enterprises to develop differentiated products; second is to strengthen the management and operation of intellectual property rights, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; three is to strengthen information sharing and exchanges with the outside world, promote industrial upgrading; fourth is to strengthen the training and promote the alliance enterprise communication; the fifth is to strengthen the industry research and information statistical work。

Alliance Deputy Secretary General Wang Jingqing informed the use of funds for the year 2015. General briefing will be held in early 9, titanium and life titanium Valley Forum activities. Finally, Yang Hangyun make an important speech, analyzes the alliance enterprises and the development of titanium industry encountered bottleneck problems and its origin, with fresh case from intellectual property rights and patent angle gives the answer and touches the participants thinking. Finally, he of the intellectual property rights of alliance proposed requirements, on the development of titanium industry put forward. At the meeting of the board of directors and the general meeting of the new Advisory Committee on the appointment of the study conducted a briefing, after the addition and adjustment.

The report of the meeting, invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Chinese titanium zirconium and hafnium Nonferrous Metals Industry Association branch secretary Jia Hong made a speech entitled "13th Five-Year development plan" Titanium Industry Report; rapid manufacturing, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for additional material manufacturing technology association secretary general, Xi'an Ruite Rapid Manufacturing Engineering Research Co。 Ltd。 General Manager Wang Yongxin entitled "additive manufacturing and 3D printing development status and trends" report; China Jiliang University Quality Engineering Research Institute, Chinese information technology supervision association director Hong Shengwei made a speech entitled "titanium industry and national" 13th Five-Year "standard development plan"; Beijing Kangxin Huayuan intellectual property consulting Co。, the relevant responsible person made a presentation entitled "intellectual property rights" in the enterprise development report; Beijing's known patent Warning Center Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong made a speech entitled " Report on patent navigation to promote the development of industry innovation。 Lasted three and a half hours of report will be like a feast for the participants and open up their horizons, increase knowledge, mastered the "45" development of the industry's overall context, major technology research, industry the latest trends and trends, intellectual property, standards for trade, industry and enterprise development to help report more echoes the urgent needs of the enterprise innovation and development, these reports are greatly welcomed by enterprises。

The meeting, each unit represents that, to the industry prosperity, must be innovative thinking, promote differentiated products R & D, large enterprises to breakthrough in the key technology of marine, petroleum, drilling and other industries, combined with the development needs of the industry alliance will rise as the industry standard standard, private enterprises should follow the civilian market。 To find living space in the FMCG field; to strengthen the operation and management of intellectual property rights, promote the Construction Industry Development Zone titanium test patent navigation, guide enterprises to carry out patent analysis and patent layout, improve the intellectual property rights and other intangible assets pledged loan financing scheme, and increase industrial fund and risk fund strategic cooperation, efforts to promote banks, guarantee agencies and project assessment agencies to provide project financing services for alliance member units。 The meeting to enhance the development of confidence in the enterprise, the development of a clear positioning of the enterprise, the awareness of intellectual property rights has been further enhanced, for the joint promotion of titanium industry innovation and development has played an important role。

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