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BTCC release entity titanium metal bitcoin

BTCC recently released a titanium metal entity bitcoin. This entity "BTCC mint bitcoin currency called bit coin lovers, coin collectors and other members of the public to provide entity bitcoin -- one of the most popular digital encryption currency.

"For BTCC, the introduction of the entity bitcoin is an important achievement," BTCC chief executive officer Li Qiyuan (Lee Bobby) said. "Today we have issued coins as a unique collection, the purpose is to arouse public interest in the special currency."

"2016 one bitcoin V series" is "Mint BTCC bitcoin" in the first series, made of metal titanium material precision casting, with the value of a private key in which a bitcoin。

Mint BTCC is the first introduction of the entity bitcoin bitcoin. These new coins from the next 100 years is about to be produced in the 5 million 400 thousand bitcoin.

"We are the only way to guarantee a real currency bitcoin from mining to reward companies," said BTCC chief operating officer Miao right mow (Samson). "These new coins without transaction records are dug directly from the BTCC mine pool."

Mint BTCC bitcoin uses the most lightweight, the highest hardness of the natural metal - titanium, precision casting。

"We chose the space grade material for the metal to cast the real currency, because it is the most representative of the strong, lightweight and durable characteristics of the bitcoin," Li Qiyuan explained. The V series of coins also expressed our vision for the future bitcoin, that is: in the near future, everyone uses bitcoin."

Released in May 26, 2016, the 2016 one bitcoin V series is the first series of Mint BTCC bitcoin.

BTCC Mint one bitcoin positive (facial) printed BTCC logo and bitcoin logo, symbolizing the two trusted entity of BTCC。 The world's longest running bitcoin exchange; and the bitcoin, in the world the most important digital currency。 Around the two laurel represents the important position of the bitcoin and BTCC "everyone use bitcoin, the better vision。 Front engraved with the "MINT ONE", "BITCOIN BTCC", "Series V", "2016", and "Titanium"。

Mint BTCC one bitcoin opposite (tail) printed with two stars, representing the number of coins in the bitcoin block. Currently two stars, in July production halved, the coin will appear three stars. Negative engraved with "we believe digital encryption" and the "one million bits" the words, also close to a possession of the private key of the tamper proof laser tag.

Mint BTCC is the world's longest operating bitcoin exchange - BTCC, the brand of the production entity bitcoin. BTCC in 2016 released Mint BTCC bitcoin series entity bitcoin, a great collection value.

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